About I-Week

From January 28 to February 1, International Week 2013 features over 70 free presentations, including world-renowned lecturers, great discussions, enlightening films, innovative theatre, art projects, exhibitions and workshops. It’s all happening right here at the University of Alberta, and it’s all open to the public.

For event schedules and descriptions visit our Events Calendar, download the Program Guide, or get the all new International Week Phone App.

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Conscious Culture: Finding Paths to a Better World

This year’s theme reflects our increasingly interconnected world. It is now more important than ever to recognize that we are a global community. North American culture is spreading around the world, and we in turn are confronted by more diversity than ever before. Culture can bring us together, but it can also divide through misunderstandings, political or religious hostilities, and nasty stereotypes.

Today’s headlines are dominated by the meteoric rise of China; by Arab and Muslim movements overturning entrenched regimes; and here in Canada, the sounds of First Nations drums echoing in the halls of power. The people you meet at International Week will help you to understand these cultural movements, to avoid misunderstanding, and to help position yourself confidently in the emerging world order.

Join us on the path to a better world, by becoming more conscious of culture.

Keynote Lectures

From Monday to Friday you have the chance to meet five fantastic speakers from around the world. It all begins with Martin Jacques, whose talk When China Rules The World will help you envision a near future when the West has been usurped as the dominant force in world culture. With a global bestselling book and a TED Talk amassing over a million views, Jacques will kick-off International Week with a bang.

Keep coming back all week, because speakers like Dr. Gabor Maté, Raj Patel, Robert Fisk and Sheryl WuDunn are not to be missed. Learn how modern culture can literally make you sick; or how healthy, sustainable food can change your life. Hear first hand from one of the only Western reporters in war-torn Syria. And get involved with a cultural shift of world-changing proportions—the coming wave of emancipated women reshaping societies the world over.

Other Highlights

Meet the woman who created a social media app that helps women fight back against harassment. Or the teenage Egyptian girl who discovered a revolutionary way to turn plastic waste into biofuel. You’ll definitely want to see Friday night’s community theatre project exploring the stories of women as survivors of violence, both locally and globally.

To explore the whole program, check out our Events Calendar, download the Program Guide, or try out the first ever I-Week Mobile App!

About I-Week

The Global Education Program’s signature event, International Week, is the University of Alberta’s largest annual extra-curricular educational event and is the most extensive event of its kind on a Canadian campus.  The University and Edmonton communities are able to explore a host of global issues through more than 50 events including lectures, workshops, exhibits and cultural performances.  International Week enables students and community members to hear from inspiring visiting speakers as well as local experts.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or check out our websites at http://globaled.ualberta.ca/iweek | Facebook | @GlobalEdUofA


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